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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see children?

Of course! Dr. Condie and her team love welcoming entire families to Desert Springs Dental. We even offer personalized children’s dentistry services for little patients so that they receive the care and comfort they need. We’ll help establish them on the path towards lifelong oral health!

I really want to improve how my smile looks. Can you help me?

Definitely! We understand how important it can be for patients to have a smile that looks just as great as it feels. That’s why we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services. With these valuable and aesthetic treatment options, we can help you overcome all kinds of flaws, from discoloration to minor cracks to crookedness.

What do I do if I’m experiencing a dental emergency?

Please call Desert Springs Dental at (480) 279-3100 right away. We’ll do our best to see you that same day or within 24 hours. You can review our emergency dentistry services page to learn more about how you can help save your teeth in common situations until you’re able to reach our Gilbert, AZ office. If you’re experiencing significant bleeding or a broken jaw, though, please go to your nearest emergency room instead.

Is it bad if I grind my teeth?

Grinding teeth can often lead to serious problems if left untreated too long, including tooth damage and TMJ disorder, a painful and even debilitating condition. Instead, let us help! Dr. Condie can provide effective therapy options for bruxism/TMJ that relieve pain and protect your smile.

I get anxious about dental appointments. Can you do anything to help me?

Yes! Nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) is available as a sedation option. You’ll feel more relaxed and contented as we administer it, and once we’re finished with your treatment, the effects will wear off after a matter of minutes, allowing you to drive yourself home. Our team will be happy to work with you closely and offer you anything you may need so that you feel completely comfortable with us.